Team Teach Behaviour Support Training

Team Teach training, along with our new platform, Team Teach Connect, supports positive behaviour cultures in education, child and adult services.​

​Team Teach behaviour support training combines award-winning training and development with a comprehensive package of pre- and post-training support delivered through our innovative new platform, Team Teach Connect. ​

At Team Teach, our experienced trainers deliver award-winning, evidence-based training, putting the individual at the centre of every decision. We tailor our training to the needs of your organisation, giving you and your team the confidence and strategies you need to de-escalate situations and reduce the need for physical intervention. ​

Following training, Team Teach Connect provides all certified individuals with access to a wealth of practical and inspirational resources, including in-depth articles, eBooks, videos, templates, newsletters and best practice guidance, all created by our experienced behaviour support team.

Our Training Is Used In Over 13,000 Settings

Over 100,000 people a year receive our award-winning, accredited training and over 3,000 people have chosen to become Team Teach Trainers.

Now Available: The Team Teach Knowledge Hub App

Part of our new Team Teach Connect platform, the Knowledge Hub provides a wealth of resources to support your on-going, post-training development. Download the app now to access over 19 hours of content and the latest thinking in behaviour support, all in the palm of your hand.

Behaviour Support Training Options

Our training is customisable for Education, Children and Youth Services, and Health and Social Care settings.

Our accredited, award-winning training helps your organisation build strong relationships and transform challenging situations into positive outcomes. We focus on teamwork and communication, to foster supportive working practices and recognise the needs of distressed individuals.

All Team Teach physical techniques have undergone a medical review carried out by independent medical experts, as required by the Institute of Conflict Management.

Team Teach are certified by the BILD ACT Association of Certified Training, complying with the Restraint Reduction Network Training Standards, a requirement for NHS commissioned services.

The course materials for our positive behaviour training programmes have been independently assessed and accredited by the CPD Accreditation Service.

Our government-supported National Training Award recognises exceptional achievement in training and development, with robust quality control and assurance processes.

Become a Team Teach Trainer

Become a Team Teach Trainer

By attending one of our courses to become a Team Teach trainer, you will be able to provide a consistent approach in positive behaviour training within your organisation. With your newly gained knowledge and skills, you can deliver training specific to the unique needs of your setting, progress your ongoing professional development and grow a shared culture and understanding within your workplace.

By increasing your understanding and awareness of behaviour support strategies, you will enhance your team’s abilities to create and nurture a positive and caring ethos within your environment.

Your organisation benefits from a consistent and cost effective way to train your teams, whilst also being able to quickly respond to training needs as and when they arise.

You will be able to adapt and shape the training to meet the differing needs across your organisation, whilst being reassured that all of the training is underpinned by best practice guidance and legislative frameworks.

We’re dedicated to improving the lives and outcomes of the people our training supports

“I’d recommend this course to other schools because the course is child-centred and ensures that behaviours are looked at as a form of communication. It encourages participants to consider things from the child’s perspective and then reflect upon actions.”

– Vanessa Seehra, Early years learning leader, Highlands Primary School.

I was impressed by how clearly and concisely key concepts such as the balance of legal information and psychology, the emphasis on understanding behaviour as a communication, and explaining the biomechanics in the physical techniques were communicated throughout the training.

– Deputy Head Teacher, SEMH School