Closer Together: Developing Consistency in Behaviour Support within International Schools

Published On: 11 March 2024

Following the publication of our latest think piece exploring how and why perceptions of behaviour vary in international schools and why consistency is so important, we wanted to get together with educators from around the world to discuss some of the things we can do, realistically in our settings, to get everyone on board for the most effective, consistent approach to behaviour support.

We’ll be discussing:
1) Supporting not “fixing” behaviour and personalised behaviour support.
2) How to reframe our thinking and approach behaviour as a skill to be learned.
3) The benefits of involving our students and how to develop a systematic approach to pupil voice.

The webinar will be hosted by experienced Team Teach trainer, Nancy Hooper from our Learning and Development team and we’ll be joined by Adam Johnson, former International
School Educator, Hanadi Rustam, Elementary School
Counselor, Riffa Views International
School, Bahrain, Hannah Pearson, EY PE Coordinator
and Lower School PE Specialist, Harrow
International School, Beijing and Elena Sentevska, Leader for Student Support Services and Learning Support Teacher at the International School of Belgrade