Improving Inclusion for LGBTQIA+ Individuals | Jack Pattinson

Published On: 1 December 2023

Jack Pattinson, a passionate advocate for inclusion, talks to Clare about the practicalities of improving inclusion for LGBTQIA+ individuals in a range of settings. In the episode, Jack highlights the importance of fostering a culture of belonging, and the need to acknowledge individuals’ different experiences.

Jack is a Senior Team Teach Tutor and Development Consultant to a variety of education and care settings across the UK. Jack delivers a variety of training courses and workshops, helping staff to reflect on and develop their practice around inclusion.

You can find Jack on the Codevelo website and on LinkedIn.

Jack recommends the book, When The Adults Change, Everything Changes, by Paul Dix.

He also shares three tips during the episode:

It is important to reflect on the language we use and the impact it has on others.

Representation is crucial so we need to consider how to we embody and represent difference, whilst also creating a culture where everyone feels a sense of belonging.

By taking the time and space to educate ourselves around others’ lived experiences, we can better understand different perspectives and foster compassion and empathy.

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