Restorative Practice | Nick Burnett

Published On: 20 October 2023

In this episode, our guest, Nick Burnett, joins Clare to talk about restoring and repairing relationships through Restorative Practice.

Nick explains the key principles around Restorative Practice and its roots in Restorative Justice programmes. Both Clare and Nick share their experiences of how the process can be adapted for those with pre and nonverbal communication. As with all Team Teach Training, the focus is on investing time in getting to know the individual and recognising what’s going to help them engage.

Nick Burnett is the Managing Director of Australia & New Zealand and International Director of Coaching for Team Teach. He has over 30 years of experience working in mainstream and special schools as a teacher, senior leader, and school principal, in both day and residential settings. Nick is also an author, accredited Restorative Practice facilitator, and leadership coach.

Nick recommends his book Restorative Practice and Special Needs

You can find Nick on Linkedin and via the website Team Teach Australia and New Zealand

Nick shares three tips during the episode:

1. Ask yourself the question, ‘How restorative are you?’ Find training to suit you.

2. Be adaptive and identify ways to make the restorative process inclusive.

3. Invest time in building relationships and facilitating a safe place for individuals to reflect and move on.

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