Supporting Staff in Residential Care | Jack Cook

Published On: 30 May 2024
In this episode, Clare talks to Jack Cook about supporting staff who work in residential care. He explains his ongoing commitment to staff development and training, and the strategies that are in place to support their mental and physical well-being.


He also outlines the ways in which he cultivates a culture of interdependence and trust within staff teams.


Jack is CEO at First Thought Care Services Ltd and is also a Senior Team Teach trainer. He has extensive experience in the realm of mental health care, and has supported numerous families, adults, children, and young people.


First Thought Care Services Ltd offer exceptional care and support for autistic individuals, and people with mental health needs and learning disabilities. Jack is also a volunteer for Samaritans.


You can find Jack at First Thought Care Services, or on FacebookInstagram and TikTok.


He also shares three tips during the episode:


  • Actively listen to staff’s concerns or worries, and guide them to find their own solutions.
  • Commit to continuous self-development and training; there is always more to be learned.
  • Foster a culture of care and support between staff members, encouraging regular check-ins.


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